Ala: always good for a surprise

Many holidaymakers in Italy know the small town in the province Trentino, because it is located on the main road leading to Verona, the southeastern shore of Lake Garda or farther to the south.

But it pays off to stay longer than just for refueling or a quick espresso. What about a holiday in Ala in Trentino?

The small town at the foot of Mt. Lessini is located a few kilometers from the border to the province Verona and it has nearly 9,000 inhabitants. If you just speed through Ala, you hardly guess that there is a very gorgeous old town, which is considered as most interesting one throughout the region. In fact the village has always been an important junction. In the 18th century Ala was also know as textiles producer, gaining fame, wealth and the title “velvet city”.

The so called “Villa Alta” of Ala is characterized by paved roads, hidden courtyards and old porches. In the medieval town center there are many beautiful palaces and richly decorated city halls, which partly are dating back to the 17th century. One thing you will find in nearly every corner: fountains. More than 60 are distributed in the streets and squares of town.