Water sports for everyone in Riva

If you don’t want to spend the most beautiful time of the year only with tranquility, sun and social loafing, will be spoilt for choice: In Riva del Garda you will be spoilt for choice and do everything you want – from pleasant strolls with the whole family to extreme climbing tours in the mountain massif of Mt. Rocchetta.

The word Riva means shore so it is obvious, that the highlights consist of all kinds of sport in or on the blue water. Sailors and surfers appreciate the swell and the fresh breeze, which in this region is called “Ora” and which appears quite reliably and regularly. Of course, there are available many surf schools, boat rentals and yachting clubs and some sections of the lakeshore are reserved only for surfers.

The miles long, neat beach ranges from the eastern end of the city to the foot of Mt. Brione. There, bathers and swimmers will always find a pleasant place. Gravel beaches, promenades, shady gardens and parks take turns. However if you prefer more action and adventure, we recommend a canyoning tour through the torrents and gullies in the immediate hinterland of Riva del Garda