Torbole sul Garda, if you love surfing

Torbole sul Garda is a small town near Riva del Garda, in Italy. Torbole is a destination of Lake Garda much appreciated especially by those who love water sports, especially surfing.

Here, the wind almost never missing and the area is a paradise for sailors. Torbole sul Garda is a popular destination for surfing, not only in Italy but also in Europe.

A wide beach welcomes surfers and their boards and of course all lovers of sun and water. In this area of the lake water is very clear and clean, although a bit cold, only the bravest dare to swim in spring and autumn.

Alongshores of the lake there are a lots of opportunities for beginners, such as the possibility to rent all the equipment and take courses with professional instructors .

Near Torbole sul Garda there are also many opportunities for fans of other sports, as well as lovers of water: natural rock climbing, bike paths. Hiking trails await those who wish to discover and enjoy with their own eyes the beauty of the area.

In addition to sports and natural facilities, Torbole sul Garda has also a cultural side, very nice to visit is the city center with its restaurants and shops, historic buildings and beautiful views of the lake.