Trento: best quality of life

An archbishop’s domicile, metropolis of the province, council, renaissance and university town, cultural center… All this (and even more) can be applied to Trento. As per the Italian economic journal “Il Sole 24 Ore” the city in the valley of the river Etsch is characterized by a very high quality of life.

 Assure yourself during a holiday in Trento! If you decide to spend some days in Trento in Trentino at least you don’t have to choose between mountains and urban ambience or cultural highlights and sporting challenges, because everything is possible.

The area is located on an important communication road between north and south. Therefore it has been populated already in prehistory and also Raeti and Romans settled down here.

Today several gorgeous houses, richly decorated palaces and monuments attest to former glory. Moreover Trento has made a name for itself as regards pleasure, sport and culture. In 2004 the city was even decorated with the title “Alps town of the year”.

The whole year round there are organized recommendable events – for instance the culinary autumn of Trento, diverse trade shows and economy festivals, mountain movie feasts, all kinds of concerts and the popular Christmas market.