Trento's cultural treasures

The first fortification on this hill was built already in Roman times and in the later castle there resided for many years the prince-bishops of Trento. Today in the Castello del Buonconsiglio there is housed a museum dedicated to the history of the region, showing numerous collections of art, culture, music and religion.

The so called „imperial promenade“ connects the castle and the old town. There the streets like San Marco, Belenzani and Manci are bordered by many beautiful palaces. Other worth-seeing places in the historical center of Trento are for instance the arcaded sidewalks in the Via Suffragio or the rests of the old city walls.

The Dome is located in the old town too and it is dedicated to San Vigilio. On the cathedral’s square there is a wonderful Neptune fountain. Next to it you can see the former bishop’s palace Palazzo Pretorio and the city tower.

In addition to the dome Trento has some other interesting religious buildings, including the renaissance church Santa Maria Maggiore, which was built in the 16th century and which was a meeting place of the council of Trento. Moreover you can visit San Apollinare and San Lorenzo.

In the mentioned Palazzo Pretorio there is quite known Diocesan Museum dedicated to the council of Trento. We recommend you also the Nature Museum of Trento, the planetarium, the Aviation Museum next to the airport and the Museum for Modern and Contemporary Arts in the Palazzo delle Albere, which is managed in collaboration with the famous MART in Rovereto.