Giglio- the island of the lilies

As the second largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago, Giglio is mainly known due to its surprisingly diverse flora and fauna. Rich collections of lilies, strawberry trees, snapdragons and roses determine the landscape on the small and cozy island. Like a pearl in an oyster, the Giglio isle with its unspoilt nature and crystal clear waters offer unforgettable holidays all year round.

The houses are situated closely along the towering cliffs and offer a fabulous view. Get in touch with the small and hidden coves, the exquisite taverns and discover step by step the island of the lilies.

Meet the fishermen at work or stroll through the bustling port. Above all, divers will find in the various bays of Giglio a fantastic underwater paradise. After swimming, hiking or an excursion on boat, you enjoy entirely the sensual culinary delights of the ancient Roman port. Every day the chefs prepare daily fresh fish and other delicious seafood.

From the port you reach the hinterland and the small village Giglio Castello in only a few minutes. The old seafaring town enchants with the ancient fortress and the historic paths. Beyond that, seemingly endless beaches and small hidden coves ensure some relaxing holidays far away from the crowds. The crystal clear, azure sea with its incredibly rich fishing depths guarantees furthermore unforgettable dives in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The mild climate determining the island offers its visitors all year-round recreation. The island is full of surprises, and is certain the ideal destination for those who love pure nature and the sea.