Pisa- unconventional is the new straight

Far away from the famous Pisa study and the illustrous leaning tower, the small provincial town on the bank of the Arno is bursting with cosiness and Italian well-being.

One of the most famous Tuscan university towns is situated only a few kilometers from Florence near the river Arno.

Landmark of the city is the Leaning Tower of Pisa on the Campo dei Miracoli, the so-called Field of Miracles. It’s a truly grand sight: the cathedral, the leaning Campanile and the Baptistery raising from the green grass form an entire fascinating work of art. Not without reason the ensemble has been declared by the UNESCO a World Heritage Site.

In addition, Pisa is one of the most important university towns known and estimated also far beyond the borders of the country. Already the famous son of the city, the modern scientist Galileo Galilei, taught mathematics at the university for several years.

As a former seafaring republic, you shouldn’t miss a boat trip along the banks of the Arno. The fashionable mansions that line the coast are reminiscent of the venetian-style e.g. the Palazzo Agostini with the spectacular reddish Gothic front. The Royal Palace was built in 1559. Today it is the seat of the most famous collections of art treasures.

Experience Pisa with all your senses: frog soup, Bavettini (pasta) with fish and eels, wild boars and some of the most famous wines from the region. In the Pisan cuisine your senses will be enchanted by the "dolce far niente."