Pisa & its leaning tower

With no doubt, what you see is no optical illusion. The famous Campanile raises incredibly lopsided but nevertheless firm from the green lawns of the Campo dei Miracoli into the sky.

Main attractions and landmark of the city is the most famous tower in the world, the Leaning Tower of Pisa (Torre Pendente). The Campanile rises 55 meters into the sky and originally served as a bell tower next to the cathedral. From the tower you can see great views over the surrounding areas and on nice sunny days, if the weather conditions allow, even over the sea.

Already during the construction, the building started to tilt as a result of the soft ground beneath the tower. A shock. Just a few years later, builders continued with the construction. They didn’t compensate the incline, but angled the new construction differently than the old one. From the perfect direction you can see it’s not perfectly straight on one angle. However the earth didn’t rest- year by year the tower bowed for some further centimeters. As a matter of fact engineers worked to shore up the base. Nowadays the tower is fully accessilbe. Many visitors get enchanted by the famous white marble from Carrara and take pictures popping up the tower.

The Campanile, the cathedral and the nearby Baptistery in the Piazza dei Miracoli form a truly stunning work of art. Exalted they stand out from the green grass. In 1987 the UNESCO  declared the construction a World Heritage Site. Together, they influenced the Italian architecture of the Middle Ages and are still today one of the most important cultural centers of Italy.

The Leaning Tower is not the only crooked building in Pisa. As an inside tip to discover are its counterparts, the church towers of San Michele degli Scanzi and San Nicola, which are also inclined due to the marshy ground beneath.