Terni: lovers' city

Terni, city of the region Umbria, is known as "city of lovers", since St. Valentine was the bishop and his remains are still preserved here. The city and the surrounding area offer a wide range of activities and attractions to all visitors!

Terni is situated in the southern area of Umbria, bordering the Latium and retains some of its old town and some historical monuments such as the Church of San Francesco, built in 1200, with the beautiful Chapel Paradisi with frescoes from 1300; the ancient Church of St. Alò; the Church of San Salvatore, built probably on an existing Sun Temple from Roman times; the Church of St. Peter with its particular structure and its cloister; and finally the Cathedral, erected in the 17th century.

In addition to these, don’t forget the remains of the Roman amphitheatre, the old city walls and the medieval quarters, with remains of ancient towers and beautiful buildings. The city, however, is also known for its modern architecture.

6 km from the center of Terni, there is located the magnificent Cascata delle Marmore, which is the highest waterfall of Europe with 165 meters. Among the traditional events held every year in the city of Terni, is the famous Cantamaggio, an occasion to celebrate and welcome the return of spring. As you can see the Umbrian city has so much to offer. Treat yourself to a vacation and enjoy the artistic and natural beauties of Terni and its surroundings!