Jesolo: the golden beach

If you think of Jesolo, you think of its beautiful golden beach overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Jesolo is one of the most equipped and modern beach resorts of the Adriatic. In addition to the Lido area, very nice and relaxing, even the beautiful pine forest, which expands to about 3 km to the mouth of the Piave.

The beach of Jesolo is especially suited to those traveling with family and children, for 7 years this beach has been awarded the Blue Flag, which certifies more than clean water, also the quality of services offered for tourists of all ages. Another of the criteria for the award of the Blue Flag is the balance between tourism and nature protection.

Another strong point of Jesolo, especially for lovers of the sea and navigation, is its marina, located in the northern of Adriatic Sea, just 11 miles from Venice and 40 miles far from the Dalmatian coast. The port is located on the left bank of the river Sile, home boats up to 3 meters of draft and 30 meters long and has 488 berths.

In addition to beach lovers, Jesolo is an ideal destination for lovers of bicycles and cycling! There are many paths that wind through the pine forest and the estuary of the river Piave. You can ride along six major routes over 150 km in length.

In Jesolo bars and discos open until late at night, here you can unleash, meet new friends and dance!