Do not miss in Jesolo

The Lagoon of Venice and the Lagoon del Mort, the pine forest, are particularly fascinating, especially at sunrise and sunset! The natural environment that surrounds Jesolo on the Adriatic Riviera is truly unspoilt and full of nuances and details! Deserves to be observed even during a bike tour,a hiking,a horse track or bird watching.

There are many species of animals and plants that grow only in these particular conditions. Among animals, the most numerous are the weasels, small mammals such as rodents and insectivores and birds like the heron, purple heron and the Buzzard. Among the plants instead, submerged under the water surface, there are endless varieties of seaweed.

For culture lovers, worth a visit the Museum at the City of Jesolo, the Civic Museum of Natural History, where are exposed about 15 000 specimens representing the fauna of 'European area and Palaearctic (birds, mammals, fish, molluscs, crustaceans) and where there is a rich scientific library.

Among the archaeological sites, remember Caligo Tower, an ancient origins of early medieval fortress, built to control the flourishing commercial traffic at the time.

During a holiday in Jesolo, also worth visiting the nearby cities of Venice and Verona.