Venice, the city on the water

Venice is the capital of Veneto and certainly one of the most popular cities of Italy with Rome and Florence! Venice is famous not only in Italy but all over the world, as well as for its ancient maritime republic history, its monuments such as Piazza San Marco and its islands like Murano and Burano, mainly because of rising almost on sea.

Walking along the creeks and bridges of the old town, the houses seem to emerge from the waters like houseboats.

The phenomenon of high water is a unique feature of this city, not much loved by residents and traders, who are also with 60 cm of water in homes or shops and had to leave the house with rain boots on his feet.

Arriving in Venice by plane at Marco Polo Airport, you can see from above this city that seems to emerge from the water.

Venice is home to some of the works of art and the most beautiful monuments in the world and together with its lagoon was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Venice is not limited to the lagoon, but it is also composed of a set of small islands, including the Lido, famous seaside resort, Murano, Burano, Pellestrina, to mention only the most important.

In Venice also arrange to meet lovers of cinema and culture during events like the Biennale and the Film Festival. Other annual events that attract tourists from all around the world are the Redentore, a large fireworks display that held in July, and the Carnival.

For lovers of gambling in Venice there is also a popular casino, reachable by boat! A unique and very romantic experience!