Fireworks of Redentore

In Venice, each year, the third Sunday of July takes place a fireworks show unique in the world. In the lagoon of Venice are shot fireworks reflected on the water and create a truly unique and impressive spectacle.

The Redentore is a party deeply felt not only by tourists but also and especially by the Venetians, who are preparing for this event every year! 110,000 admissions, 60,000 came from outside the lagoon, over 70 volunteers 6,000 employees and well-coordinated fireworks from many computers, these are the figures of the last Redentore show.

The lucky ones, are able to attend the show directly from boats. The public water bus organizes boat with dinner and music included with costs ranging from 80 to 120 €. Many agencies also arrange private boat that will last from the afternoon until the following morning. Very nice to see the performance from Piazza San Marco.

If you're on holiday in Venice in July, you can not miss it!