The cradle of art and culture

It is hard to make a list of things to see in Venice, because every bridge, every alley, every corner and every shop in Venice, tell something, have a story and maybe have some great work of architect, painter, sculptures!

The best thing, especially for those who visit Venice for the first time is to visit the city by boat. The dense network of canals and excellent water transportation service, is surely the most convenient way to get a first idea of how to develop the city along Canal Grande, until Piazza San Marco.

Venice may be reached by the Liberty Bridge, here you must leave your car at the parking of Tronchetto or Piazzale Roma. From here you can take public transportation to get along the Canal Grande to Piazza San Marco and Riva degli Schiavoni. The most romantic gift can be a romantic gondola ride, although you should avoid rush hours!

Very nice a boat trip in the evening, when the lights of the buildings are reflected on the water, there is nothing more evocative.

What you should absolutely have to see: Piazza San Marco and its Basilica, the Rialto Bridge, the Palazzo Ducale, the Arsenale, the church of Santa Maria della Salute and synagogues in the Ghetto.

If you want to respect a traditions of Venice, you should go to “bacari”, the “Bacaro” in Venice, is a small tasting bar that offers delicious food such as scallops and typically Venetian, "moeche", clams, sardines , Venetian liver, polenta ... very good! What are you waiting to book your next vacation in Venice?