Vicenza, the city of Palladio

Vicenza is one of the most beautiful and eclectic city of Veneto. During a holiday in Vicenza, you can choose from a cultural tourism, mountain, food and wine or spa. There really is something for everyone!

From the cultural point of view, Vicenza is famous for the many villas that are located in Vicenza and its surroundings, some of which work of Palladio, an architect born here. Very nice to visit the old town, where to stay for shopping, a museum visit or a coffee break.

Even lovers of the mountain, certainly will not be disappointed in Vicenza: Asiago, with its ski slopes and trails and Tonezza can be reached easily in few minutes by car and have much to offer for lovers of winter sports.

Those who enjoy hiking, can venture along the famous Path of Peace, a veritable open-air museum on the Asiago Plateau. Along the way you can see evidence of the First World War.

For lovers of relaxation, however, suggest Recoaro, with its spa. Recoaro Spa, also known as the Emerald Basin, is a town surrounded by green hills and the tops of the Small Dolomites. In 1689, a ferruginous source was discovered here.

For lovers of good food, however, to try the white asparagus of Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza's famous cod and cherries of Marostica.