Recoaro Terme

Recoaro Terme is located in Alta Valle dell’Agno, in the province of Vicenza, at a height of 500 meters above sea level. Here nature is still intact and untouched.

The area enjoys a healthy and fresh pre-alpine climate, ideal for both summer and winter holidays. In Recoaro, there are also several options for those who practice winter sports.

Recoaro Terme is 42 km far from Vicenza and can be reached by taking the SP 246. The country owes its fortune to discover a source ferruginous in July 1689 by the Count Lelio Piovene . The source was named Lelia.

In 1701 were certified by John Graziano, a professor of Medicine of the University of Padua, the healing properties of this water. In 1752, the Serenissima Republic of Venice, after a series of disputes between the owner of the land and people, issued a proclamation in which it granted free use of water in local outsiders, appointed guardian of the source owners.

Subsequently, an architectural complex was built on classical plan called "Palazzotto", thanks to the construction of which were discovered three other sources, called Lorgna, Amara, and New.

The Baths of Recoaro had the honor of hosting and treat many personalities of art and culture as Nietzsche, Zanella, Aleardi and also Queen Margaret and Prince Vittorio Emanuele, who spent several weeks here in 1879.