Spa holidays on the lake or the sea

There are many lakes scattered all over Italy, if they are of different sizes and at various altitudes, from fresh, clear lakes, high mountain lakes and crowded in the warmer lowlands.

If you plan to jump immediately to mind the Italian lakes, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, Lake Iseo, Lake Varese, to name only the most famous!

A vacation at the lake or the sea is a holiday is a holiday, during which it is possible, lie in the sun, water sports or even climb the cliffs on the water, have a go hiking or just being! In Sirmione, for example, along the banks of the lake are of the same name spas, which for several years now, offer wonderful treatments and relaxation to those who choose them.

What better backdrop for a wellness spa, turkish bath, beauty treatments and shopping, which the banks of a lake or a romantic secluded beach. Water has always inspired tranquility, peace and relaxation, a holiday in one of the many spas on the shores of the lakes or the Italian coast, promises a holiday during which recharge with new energy and pamper your body and soul.