Well-being in the mountains

Italy hosts within its borders, different types of landscapes and climates, switching from warm shores of the sea, mountains and plains to the highest peaks of the mountains like the Alps or the Apennines.

Nature lovers, relax and feel on top of issues and concerns of every day, chooses the mountains for a nice holiday well-being, in the summer to escape the heat of the city and the AFI and winter, to live a romantic Experience the magical snowy landscape.

In the mountains there are many Italian thermal springs, depending on their characteristics to help resolve specific diseases and problems of various kinds.

A Recoaro Spa for instance, or spas of Abano and the hills euganei Montegrotto, the Comano to name a few.

Treating yourself to a few days immersed in nature, with a backdrop of peaks and the highest peaks, such as the Dolomites, is a unique and deserves to be experienced at least one time in my life!

The mountain has also inspired many spa treatments such as hay bath, treatments based on wine and apples. You just have to try a spa holiday in the mountains in Italy.